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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  September 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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plan b. we have more areas of rain. it won't be a continuous rain but we will have the scattered off and on or intermittent showers and then later this evening we will have downpours and chance for localized flash flooding like we saw in the district yesterday. 75 now. high of 84 this afternoon and it will be a damp day. >> it is 6:00 and today's weather could make people in northwest d.c. cling. they are cleaning up after the sunday rain flooded streets and a metro station. skwrpb gonzalez is live from northwest washington. any word on if it will open at 7:00? >> it is a sunday schedule so the station won't open until 7:00 but there are workers here who are saying they are not sure if it will open on time after nearly aed if of water fell on the track. that caused quite a problem.
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more flooding in the blooming dale neighborhood also. >> the flood came and the car flooded. >> residents are once again flooded out here. cars were under water and basements are a mess with storm and sewer backups. >> the manholes are about a foot and a half off the ground. >> this is the fourth time this summer it has happened here after a strong rainfall. >> it is the worst since we have lived here. we had one or two other floods before but there summer i have never seen anything like it. >> not far away metro crews are pumping rain out of the tracks inside the shaw howard station. at least five stations long the yellow and green lines have been impacted. u street and columbia heights stations were shut down. >> the skies got dark and just like it went from drizzling to pouring down. >> i don't know if you can call
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this irony but this is two weeks after the city established a flood prevention task force. and it is a waiting game to see if metro will open on time. no alerts on the website for green or yellow lines. back to you. >> let's check on the morning commute with angela foster. pretty light? >> you are correct. very light. we have not found many trouble spots. we have gotten the first accident report on 66. coming in from manassas up to 50 no delays or incidents. once you reach 50 that is where the accident is blocking a right lane and just brief delays as a result of that. meantime, if you are traveling on i-270 another look there your trip from frederick county to montgomery county looking pretty good southbound all the way past father hurley boulevard and continuing to the beltway. also a nice flow on the beltway
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from 273 over to college park. we are not seeing any distractions for you on the inner loop and outer loop in that stretch. back to you. >> we will look at the day ahead. more than 129,000 people still without power in louisiana and mississippi nearly a week after isaac stormed in. president obama goes there to check on the damage and recovery recovery. we have more on that. >> later today president obama takes a break from the campaign and will visit some areas hardest hit by hurricane isaac. house after house, block after block this is what some residents are coming home to. for some all they can do is watch and wait for the water to recede. >> our roof pretty much came off the water leaked in, took down the ceilings basically totaled
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the house. >> for many realization is just setting in. for others rebuilding is under way. >> it is what it is. keep on going. >> president obama will go visit one of the hardest hit areas st. john the baptist parish. he has promised to help them. visiting the area sunday homeland security security secretary janet napolitano echoed the sentiment that the people are not in this alone. >> we will stay until this recovery is complete. we are here to be part of the team in louisiana and make sure that hurricane isaac is put to rest as soon as we can for all of those affected. >> mitt romney visited the gulf coast last week after the republican national convention. president obama will be back on the campaign trail tomorrow with rally in norfolk.
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>> today on the trail secret service searches for a missing u-haul truck with equipment for vice president bodien's speech in detroit. we are told thieves obstetrical it from outside the hotel. the secret service will not say what was in the u-lawal but that it will not affect biden's visit. >> biden and president obama will join delegates and other leaders in charlotte later this week. in the next half hour we are live in charlotte with a preview of the most open convention in democratic convention history. stick with abc 7 because we will be at the convention. we will have reports during news at 5:00 6:00 and 11:00. >> democrats won't be the only ones trying to make a persuasive argument in charlotte. the romney campaign and republican national committee has set up a temporary headquarters it rebut democratic arguments. romney's running mate campaigns
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in north carolina today. romney is in new hampshire preparing for upcoming debates with obama. >> a maryland community honors a navy seal. patrick feeks arrives in edge water this morning. he will be laid to rest in arlington national cemetery. we have a live report from arlington with more on how the community will honor feeks. >> good morning to you, chris. petty officer first class patrick feeks was scheduled to come home later this year. he was in afghanistan almost a year and was killed in action last month. he will be buried here at arlington national cemetery with full honors this week. >> on this labor day along this south river in edgewater, maryland the community will gather to pay respects to one of the brave. >> it is good to remember the guys that sacrifice and gave their lives for our country.
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>> special warfare operator patrick feeks was killed august 16 in afghanistan. he was in a helicopter that crashed during a fire fight with insurgents. >> he just felt that what he was doing in afghanistan with his platoon was what he had been trained to do. >> feeks' family said he loved being a navy seal. he had already completed two tours of duty in iraq and had been in afghanistan since last december. he was just proud and very very happy. >> today petty officer first class patrick feeks will come home to edgewater for the last advertisement. from dover air force base it hr will come along route 50 and route 2. residents are encouraged to lin up with flags to honor him. >> show respect for what they are doing and what they have done. >> that procession is expected
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to get to the edgewater area along route 2 between 9:30 and 10:00 this morning. feeks leaves behind his parents, sister and his wife. back to you. >> in pakistan two are dead and nearly a dozen others injured after a car filled with explosives rammed into u.s. government vehicle. a local tv footage shows an s.u.v. destroyed and burned. a u.s. passport was located. the two killed were from pakistan and at least two others were injured. an expert says about 240 pounds of explosives were used in the attack. >> it is 6:08. we are looking at 73 degrees. still ahead, what is to blame for a crisis with a movie watching snack? >> a u.s. men's tennis match lasts into the early morning
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hours. why one competitor is no
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>> i'm angela and we are keeping people cool with cool zone. "good morning, washington".." >> some tennis fans were up pretty late. jonathan isner lost his battle with phillip coal skraoeurb as they tied the record for the latest finish. a rain delayed women's match pushed it to 11:00. kohlschreiber nailed down match point three hours and 20 minutes later at 2:26 a.m. tying the
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record set in 1993. this pales in comparison to his 11 hour and five-minute match at the 2010 wimbledon. >> stephen strasburg knows when he heading to the bench. davey johnson says strasburg gets two more starts making his final regular season appearance on september 12 in new york. strasburg fanned nine batters and gave up two hits in six innings of work sunday against the cardinals. after he left they won 4-3. he -- the nats host the cubs this afternoon. >> they are one game from guaranteeing a winning record. >> 6:12 and i guess we will check the weather. >> i went to the game saturday.
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10-9 loss but fun to see the action. let's look at the temperatures. we have one shower in prince william county but the rain will be more widespread throughout the day. it will be rather damp with isolated downpours. 72 in gaithersburg. 73 manassas and 76 at b.w. marshall. cloudy and heaviest rain in the afternoon and early evening. if you have an outdoor machine in the afternoon you will want to move indoors. low to mid 80's. oklahoma city back to 103, dallas 102. jacksonville 90. minneapolis 87. boston 71. back to angela. >> on the roads right now we are dealing with a couple of trbl spots. we have the structure fire in howard county and we are shut down at 175 and dorsey run road as a result of that. and another trouble spot on 395 this morning. not a lot of volume but we have
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ramp restrictions with the vehicle fire just past edsall road impact being the ramp to the southbound inner loop of the beltway. be prepared for a brief delay there. an accident westbound 66 as you approach 50 blocking the right lane lane. back to you. >> it is 6:14 and 73 degrees. nearly two-week morning period begins for the founder of the union if i kicks church. >> and why those late night cramming sessions college students are famous for are doing more anncr: it'll start out
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as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-d-class resort caso in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make
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sure the money goes... where it's supposed d to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. >> the morningurning period has started for sun myung moon. he died in a south korean hospital at age 92. he founded the church in 1954 and became famous for pairing up and marrying off thousands of followers during elaborate mass weddings. the church amassed a large business portfolio including the washington times newspaper. checking other headlines investigators search for the people who killed an american executive of an english language training center.
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robert armstrong was in a manila store when four robbers ordered employees and customers into a storage room. armstrong was shot trying to escape and no one else was hurt. checking news, the man suspected of opening fire on a swat too many in washington state has been found dead. police launched a man hufpbt after they say a man was shot. they found him and the weapon. they evacuated homes in the area while they searched for a possible second suspect. >> a new hampshire project is getting a lot of buzz. he launched a home made space probe in a balloon from bedford, new hampshire. it soar eded more than 20 miles above the earth. take a look. >> i didn't know how high it was going to go but i didn't think it would go all the way to the edge of the atmosphere.
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that is just amazing. >> it is. it exploded at 110,000 feet but a parachute allowed it to atlanta. a camera took photos. it was 10 miles from the starting point. a man found it outside his home and called police. it had jack's contact information and he was notified and he is get lots of positive attention. that is a great experiment. >> do you think he won the science fair? >> i hope he did. deserving. it is coming up in november. time is 6:18. >> we need to check traffic and weather. not going to be that last day at the pool before summer ends is it? >> you will be able it squeeze in an hour here a -- and there. we will have heavy rainfall this afternoon. not continuous rain because we have only one sprinkle in the clifton area of fairfax county.
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76 in washington. 74 college park. girk 72. manassas 7 #. humid. you will notice that pretty much all week. 84 the high today. mostly cloudy. at times it may thin out and help bump us to about 84 for a high with scattered rain and showers and storms the most numerous this afternoon and evening that is when we will have the heaviest rain with localized flash flooding a possibility all because of leftover circulation that was hurricane isaac. in terms of rainfall accumulation the computer indicates up to two inches possible by 3:00 a.m. tonight in parts of howard montgomery county frederick and even down into rappahannock and warrenton the possibility up to two inches. around the district about an inch to an inch and a half. tomorrow will be a lot like today. warming to 91 thursday
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unsettled through thursday with rain chances through the middle of the week. >> the good news is that it is liberal day so a lot of folks are still sleeping in and not a lot of volume. around the trouble spots the vehicle fire is southbound 395 past edsall road. it is on the ramp to the inner loop of 495. a little slow through that vicinity and just a bit heavy for folks westbound on 66. the accident is as you approach route 50 in fairfax the right lane is blocked. that is the latest from the traffic center. back to you. >> 6:20 now and a horror phlegm takes first position at the film box. we have the details from new york. >> good morning. topic america's money cars at the convention. among the themes at the democratic national convention
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is the turnaround of the auto industry. general motors and chrysler are profitable again after receiving government bailout money. the online reviews can be crucial it a restaurant's success. a study of eateries in san francisco confirms a half a star in a rating significantly increases business sometimes by as much as 20%. and the box office on this weekend is in the possession of a horror film taking in almost $18 million in what is traditionally a slow weekend but traffic this summer is off from last year. and not only are ticket sales off but theatre owners may have to pay more for popcorn. the drought has jacked up prices but one analyst says they may have to absorb it because prices are already so high.
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>> this is a day parents have had marked on their calendar for months. back to school tomorrow for more students. after a summer of taking it easy research suggests kids shouldn't also sleep over studies. dr. timothy johnson explains the pitfalls of cramming. >> school bells shouldn't be competing with alarm clocks. a study in the journal child development finds evidence burning the midnight oil to cram for tests is often time wasted. the author asked 535 students
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from grades nine to 12 to keep a diary how long they studied and slept and whether they had academic problems the next day such as not understanding something taught in class or doing poorly on a tells. or homework. the research found this when study time cuts out on sleep kids performed more poorly the day after in class. the author says that doesn't mean teens should study less but if they sacrifice sleep for study it may hurt more than it helps. >> students in fairfax, article, alexandria prince william and loudoun county head back to class tomorrow. we want to congratulate the winner of our wjla giveaway. debby booth from springfield has won $200 for back to school supplies and clothes. congratulations. >> 7 is on your side.
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researchers found dieters at restaurants with softer lighting and music ate fewer calories. a more relaxed environment increases satisfaction and decreases consumption. and the shape of a beer glass may affect how fast you drink it. researchers found people drank faster from curved glasses than straight glasses. they say curved glasses make it harder to pace yourself because it is more difficult to determine how much you had. i wonder if they had problems getting volunteers to do that. 6:26 and still another half hour of "good morning, washington." president obama checks up on southeast louisiana nearly a week after isaac hit.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> my flood -- my car is flooded. >> another summer storm leads to flooding and more clean up for residents in northwest d.c. >> plus, we are talking with our partners at political about the expectations on president obama at this week's democratic national convention. good morning washington. i'm chris van cleve in for steve today. >> i am cynné simpson. let's check in with adam caskey. >> we are in the belfort furniture weather center. no active rainshowers to speak of. but the rain -- the radar screen should fill in with some isolated downpours this afternoon and evening possibly causing flash flooding. there is a live look at the federal city. significant cloud cover all across our region. a little bit of thinning of the
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clouds periodically, but overall more clouds and sunshine in the off and on areas of rain. then the this afternoon and evening. 70 in martinsburg in hagerstown. on our way to 84. the heavier rains will be later today. >> on the roads right now -- before we get to the roads, a quick metro update on the blue line between foggy bottom and arlington. we are resuming services for you there. in the next few minutes, not too bad. a couple of closures and delays but a few incidents. in howard county, 175 and dorsey run road, shut down with it structure fire. we are still closed there. if you're traveling in virginia, leading the district heading to 395 southbound, as you approach it -- as you approach thie beltway southdown, a car fire causing brief delays. let's send it over to cynné
6:32 am
simpson and kris van cleve. >> 6:31, and a working holiday for candidates on the campaign trail. president obama campaigned in ohio before checking on the damage from isaac in louisiana. >> mitt romney is taking downtime in new hampshire, but running a paul ryan is heading to north carolina. brady hit joins us from charlotte with the latest. >> good morning. today, carolina fest is taking over the streets of charlotte. this is kind of like a kickoff party, leading up to the democratic national convention tomorrow. the first big guest arriving today as first lady michelle obama. >> it is time to move forward. that is the choice of this election. >> this week is the democrats'' turn to rally support for president obama in his bid for a second term.
6:33 am
the stage is set in charlotte with democrats filling their convention. >> up close and personal. >> democrats are using star power. including appearances by actress eva long gloria, james taylor, mary j. blogs, and the few fighters. later this week, first lady michelle obama, and former . president bill clinton will speak. hundreds protested theon sunday. while on his road to charlotte tour, president obama continues to criticize republican opponents convention speech. >> governor romney knows -- >> this president cannot tell us that you are better off today than when he took office. >> a new gallup poll shows the
6:34 am
race a dead heat. another poll after the republican convention that showed mitt romney with a slight lead now shows the two are tied with two months until election day. >> without a new leadership, why should the next four years be any different from the last four years? barack obama has to answer that question. >> as you mentioned earlier paul ryan is going to be in north carolina today, about 250 miles away. meanwhile, mitt romney will spend this week prepping for the big debates next month. reporting live in charlotte brandi hitt. >> people in northwest washington neighborhoods are hoping to the's rain does not flow them like it did yesterday. crews spent most of the night pumping out water from the howard university metro station. more now on whether the station will open live in a half-hour. >> metra running on a sunday
6:35 am
schedule on this holiday but it -- metro running on a sunday schedule on this holiday, but officials are not sure if they will open on time after nearly a foot of water fell onto the tracks causing quite a problem. residents not far from here who lives in a flood-prone area are once again dealing with it this morning. this is the bloomingdale's section of the bloomingdale section of northwest d.c. a muddy mess with storm and sewer backups. this is now the fourth time this summer residence have had to do with this after a strong rain fall. back here at the metro station crews have been busy pumping several inches of rain water off the tracks. at least five stations along the yellow and green lines have been impacted. >> this is the worst since we have lived here. we had one or two other floods
6:36 am
before, but this summer, we have never seen anything like it. >> this latest flood in northwest d.c. comes two weeks after the city established a flood prevention task force. the metro station is scheduled to open in half an hour, according to metro's website. no alerts on the green or yellow lines. john gonzales, abc7 news. >> they are also cleaning up in louisiana and mississippi nearly a week after is it washed ashore. >> president obama heads to the gulf coast today as they work to drain the floodwater from parts of southeast louisiana. brianne carter has more with what the president could find. >> thousands of residents along the gulf coast still without power, others without a home after hurricane isaac. today the president will get a firsthand look at the damage as he heads to louisiana to visit with local officials and residents trying to recover. obama expects to visit one of
6:37 am
the areas hardest hit st. john the baptist parish, 30 miles west of new orleans. a mandatory evacuation orders sunday for neighborhoods threatened by a lock on a canal near the mississippi state line. sunday homeland security secretary jan and a polish town of visited the area. she promised residents the --: security secretary janet napolitano visited the area. >> we're looking at 73 degrees outside. much more ahead on "good morning washington." >> including an arizona man
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>> our partners that politico are in charlotte, north carolina, this week, keeping tabs on the democratic national convention. the convention begins today, but the party officially starts tomorrow. washington correspondent jonathan alan joins us by skype to talk about the pressure out there on. in 2008, candidate barack obama delivered this and aspirational
6:41 am
message. will we see that same type of force this time around? >> i do expect the president will try to recreate a little bit of the magic. that he did at the denver broncos football stadium four years ago, now at bank of america stadium in charlotte. but the campaign so far has been more purely negative this time around. last time he got a lot of points for some of that aspirational rhetoric that you are talking about that also threw some pledges. this time a lot more punches -- less aspiration. and what time of negativity do you expect to come out of that? a lot of people from the democratic party are saying they hear mitt romney pointing arrows at barack obama. what exactly is his plan, though? >> i think democrats have been arguing that the republicans at their convention in essentially
6:42 am
white washed the truth, put forward a foot that was not necessarily come toward the way that democrats -- contoured the way the democrats see republicans. you can see the president and his surrogates painting republicans -- >> it sounds like we lost jonathan there, but he is there preparing for the democratic national convention, and we will have lots of coverage with our own crews in charlotte throughout the day. let's check in with adam caskey with the weather. >> rather damp labor day holiday, especially into the afternoon and evening. one shower i noticed pop up on doppler 7 radar. we are over the vienna area, great falls. basically around colvin run elementary school and wolf trap. there is where we had this shower moving northward. crossing leesburg pike and route
6:43 am
seven at this time. one little shower in fairfax county, otherwise mostly cloudy the rest of the day some areas of rain. most numerous this afternoon and evening. flash flooding is definitely a concern. currently in the lowest 70's, 84 this afternoon. 91 by thursday. more areas of rain daily through thursday. back to angela for the commute. >> on the roads right now travel in maryland, no reported troubles on the bw parkway i- 95 or 270. looking good from frederick county into montgomery county. a vehicle fire on southbound 395 on the ramp to the inner loop of the capital beltway, crowding the right side of the ramp getting by that. heavy traffic westbound on 66 blocking the right lane. we were blocking the right lane, it is cleared, but still slow. otherwise, 66 moving well up
6:44 am
from manassas to the beltway and the beltway to the teddy roosevelt bridge. >> 6:44, 72 degrees. >> "good morning
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>> news around the region now. a falls church man known for trying to save a man's life the night of the derecho has now been arrested, reportedly for soliciting sex from a 12-year- old girl he met online. the girl's family members said that he pointed a gun at them. police found a loaded gun handcuffs, and condoms in his car. he had performed cpr on a man who came in contact with a power
6:47 am
line. firefighters are struggling to contain a huge wildfire a popular california park. hundreds of campers were forced to leave the national forest after a fire broke out sunday afternoon. the flames have borne more than -- burned more than 3,600 acres. no word on what sparked it. >> "good morning america" anchor robin roberts tweeted sunday, "heart aches too much to write about momma yet. being sunday her favorite day, my family and i thank you for your prayers and support." she has left her gma team for a medical leave for a bone marrow transplant. her sister wrote on her facebook page that her mother's viewing will be held tomorrow night. >> a suspected bank robber tried to turn himself into arizona police, but he had a little trouble doing it.
6:48 am
he went to the tucson police headquarters to surrender, but no one was there to process it, so he went to a police substation. no one was there either. his last option was to drive himself to the local jail and turn himself into deputies. it was a vastly different story in japan where people definitely knew where to find the stew. >> thousands of people showed up to eat stew cooked in a giant pot. it took more than a ton of beef 3 tons of potatoes, and 3500 leeks to make the stew. it looks tasty. >> 6:48. time to check on our weather. adam caskey, not a good day to try to work on your tan at the end of the summer.
6:49 am
>> either hit the tanning salon or the spray-on tan. one shower over fairfax county. a few breaks in the clouds. a lot like the past couple of days where we will see the temperatures spike into the middle 80's. plenty of rain fall later on today. doppler 7 shows most of the action over delaware, the delaware bay, and wilmington, delaware. one shower crossing over leesburg pike, to dominion road, and beat georgetown pike in fairfax county, stretching back to mclane, virginia as well. 73 in culpeper, 72 in gaithersburg and frederick. a bit humid. you will feel the humidity all week long. the heaviest rain this afternoon and this evening, where up to two inches are possible in isolated locations. unsettled all the way through thursday with rain chances in
6:50 am
the middle of the week. >> the traffic is looking very nice, especially around the beltway, maryland, and virginia on the beltway. i-66 from the haymarket area through 50, and earlier crash at 50 where it was blocking your lane. also inside the beltway, as you continue to the teddy roosevelt bridge, ramp restrictions on 395 southbound as you approach the inner loop of the capital beltway. the vehicle fire is over to the right side so some crowding as you make your way through that area. let's send it back over to you. >> 6:50. poll that train whistle. the monday express is next. >> today's top stories. what you need to kno
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>> welcome back. 6:53 is the time right now. we are getting ready to take you on the monday express. an earthquake -- a 3.3 magnitude earthquake coming out of the los angeles area, centered around beverly hills. >> no reports of damage, but people talking on facebook and twitter that it gave them a will -- an earlier wake-up call than they were hoping for this holiday monday morning. a live roundup of today's top stores. john? >> in a few minutes, we'll find out if the show on metra station in northwest d.c. will reopen.
6:54 am
-- if the shaw metro station in northwest d.c. will reopen three cars were under water and homes basements are once again flooded. the fourth time this summer these residents have had to deal with this. >> president obama will take a break from the campaign trail later today to visit storm- ravaged areas of the gulf coast. he is expected to talk to residents and local officials. residence inn st. john's parish one of the areas -- residents in saint john's parish, one of the areas hardest hit. he returns to the campaign trail to margaret mitt romney is using the week to prepare for upcoming debates. >> memorial services begin today for petty officer first class patrick feeks, a funeral procession that will leave dover
6:55 am
air force base and end up in edgewater, maryland. it is expected to get there between 9:30 and 10:00 this morning. the 20-year-old navy seal was killed last month in afghanistan. >> here is a look at what you need to know before you leave the house. >> the senate race between george allen and tim kaine, they will march in the labor day parade and give a speech there. >> a sink hole at the university of maryland has shut down region's drive in front of memorial chapel. >> and the nats working toward a winning season. stephen strasburg off likely until september 12 the playoffs. look for the monday expressed tab. now angela foster joins us with a look at traffic. >> ok, we're going to adam
6:56 am
caskey first for the weather. >> a few isolated sprinkles then heavier rain this afternoon and evening. a couple of days where you get those downpours around dinner time. a high temperature of 84. notice the humidity in the air. rather unsettled most of the week with rain chances all the way through thursday, daily through thursday with high temperatures climbing to 91 at that point. humidity, all week long. never too early to look ahead to the weekend. there could be a few areas of rain here and there, a lot of uncertainty. right now i shower moving into potomac, maryland, and from mcclain to cross the potomac. >> that does it for "good morning washington." "good morning america" is next. >> for local news, tune in to channel 8.
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